smallbuilding4Since 1985, Water Resources Inc. and Water Services Inc. have successfully provided customer satisfaction throughout the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana area. Our expert knowledge and experience define our continuous success. Water Resources, a distributor of Neptune Water Meters, takes great pride in product sales. Water Services provides a multitude of conveniences, serving municipalities and contractors throughout the region. Together, Water Resources and Water Services create a team of professionals, ready to assist you. I invite you to explore what Water Resources and Water Services can do for you.

Since 1991 Water Resources Inc. has also been in business as a major distributor of Neptune Water Meters. Our salesmen have the knowledge and experience to provide to you the most cost effective and convenient method of measuring your water. The technology offered in the water meter industry today will be sure to satsectionL-cover-with-headisfy any of your needs.

Please feel free to contact any of our salesmen for specific questions you have about the water meter technology offered and which method of measuring your water is best for you. You may also find it beneficial to explore the Neptune factory website for general questions about each product offered by the Neptune Technology Group.

Water Resources is also a distributor of Ford Meter Box Products , Such as Meter Setters and Water Main Repair clamps.